Growing up around here

My childhood, the press called it the X – Generation, probably because everyone was talking about the last person they had sex with as if they had just killed them or something. I remember they’re were also a lot of orphans in the neighborhood and they were probably the kids of Vietnam Veterans that gave up. I had a rough childhood but I managed to survive and now that I’m nearing my mid forties I look back on life and think about it suspiciously. I’ve done a lot of things and I have a lot to talk about. I remember my mom and dad alot. I think they were very interesting because they sometimes did things to me that were very mean but I think it had to do with the people around them. I think people these days are always in a hurry. I think people are so preoccupied with acquiring material wealth that it keeps them on the go constantly. I’d be a little more relaxed myself if I could afford just one house and one car. I sometimes think that I’m somebody’s slave and my poverty makes them a lot of money. I’m probably the slave of a few people. I just can’t let that make me give up on living and trying to stay clean and sober everyday. I recently heard about the death by drug overdose of another musician that I might of actually worked with in some way to produce quality sound, the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland, I hope that we all can go on making quality sound, anyhow.

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