The Powerful Kind

Since the beginning there have always been some around that thought they were the very best at finding a solution to any problem. That usually means that we must follow them until it all gets figured out and resolved. I have seen it happen. It is the twenty first century and everything is built. There is enough housing for everyone. There is enough food for everyone. Because of robots there is enough clothing for everyone.

It happened one morning. Everyone was doing what they do best at the crack of dawn. It was winter. The icy rain had just stopped falling. A man sleeping on a park bench near the courthouse was putting away his things. People were walking along Spring Street beside the United States Courthouse of Appeals either going down towards “The Washington State Ferry Harbor” or up towards “The Hill” to go to work. The man that sleeps in the park is a Judge but is really very poor and has never been married and has no children, he has no real estate or automobile and has only the park to live at and must find someplace else in town when the trouble makers come around looking to fight him. A lot of people in town dislike this Judge because he doesn’t really like people that play around hoping to get very close to him.

The Judge does receive Social Security and Medicare because of all the reasons he is a poor Judge and he is grateful for it.

The Judge has no one from his childhood to look after him when he needs something except the God he prays to for needs alone but occasionally the Judge invites someone else to pray with him.

King County Seattle, Washington is a peculiar place that the Judge has been to before even though he has only been here some of the time with his full wits about him because of having to serve in the Police and Fire Academy as a homeless young person because he always wanted to be a Police Officer, Firefighter and a Minister of a Church and everybody says it was necessary to make him the very best Judge in all the world. If you were wondering, yes, this Judge is a County Sheriff and a County Sheriff everywhere he goes but because the City Police Department think that he is such a good person they wanted him back in the city and made him a Police Officer again but still maintain their attitude that a Badge, Gun and Uniform are unnecessary for the job. The Judge is concerned that all this leads to more trouble than it should and has a lot of thoughts that a lot of people want him to be a Prostitute, Drug Addict, Alcoholic, Rapist, Murderer, Robber, Thief, Liar and Arsonist but he just tries to quiet those thoughts but saying no thanks to them until those people he believes are of this low opinion of him seem to come around to make trouble for him and this Judge says it’s often because he has been advertised all over the world by way of Hollywood Celebrities and Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, and superstars everywhere by going on tour and helping them get the job done of providing Concerts, Stage Plays, Political Rally’s, Sporting Events and all sorts of entertainment for everyone. Sometimes the Judge gets a laugh thinking about how there is a King County Sheriff with the same last name as his mother before she married his father when he thinks about the famous English Novel “Ivanhoe” which is about the Sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood because this Judge is also an English Professor and he doesn’t think he has ever meant the local Judge with the same last name as his mom. The County Judge with the same last name as his mother also has the same last name of a famous Hotel Chain in Washington DC and in several other cities throughout the world, “The Doyle Collection” and one of the Hotels is across the street from the home of the United States President “The White House” at DuPont Circle which owns DOW Chemical where his Grandfather Doyle who was in World War Two as a Marine worked as a Firefighter before going to work at the United States Treasury Mint as an Electrician and his own last name is the same as a famous theater group in Germany and in Minnesota and of a Famous Manufacturing Plant in Russia that makes the F-18 Fighter Aircraft and has have Manufacturing Plants throughout the United States of America, as well and it is all public information available to anyone with government credentials readily and everyone else with a little computer skills or that knows their way around the Public Library.

The Judge sometimes thinks that his entire family has simply gone insane for thinking they are doing everyone a service with the way they are treating him and because he has only spent three nights in the home of one of them and visited for a few minutes on several occasions in the last twelve years on his Mother’s side of the family and he has even been accused of being Criminally Insane but after making a sufficient appeal in several jurisdictions is very sure he has proven competency and is innocent of the Piracy charge that sent him to a Southern Prison for several years.

The Judge is only forty three years old and he says he feels like he says some of them eighty year old’s feel sometimes but that it’s better than being a whore.

Well I got to go it’s the middle of the month and I have to go looking through the trashcans for something to eat and drink, it’s what this Judge I’m talking about does now thinking that he might even lose his Social Security and Medicare and would have to turn to a life of crime for bus fare before he goes and pays a visit to one of his relatives to ask for help and it will probably be at the King County Courthouse in Chains.

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