My Electrical Gizmo Thingy

I’ve got a PhD in English and I have worked labor just about my whole life, no big deal right, maybe not, I really enjoy tinkering around with things and I have always wanted to build my own space craft from whatever I could find just laying around. I have thought about hooking up an electrical motor to a battery that I charge by magnetism and contacts arranged so that I can transform the force that I produce into a usable source of fuel for my fans and I am going to have to wait until spring to get the ball rolling if I want to accelerate the project and be floating around space seeking out planets to build biosphere upon where I can keep my friends and restart civilization because the one here on earth is destroying the planet with too much war and poverty so I have read in the local rags I see near the trash cans I frequent on the look out for anything edible and that might come in handy in accomplishing my goal.

I just checked out the NASA Website and every time I do I seem to think that I really am an Astronaut and that I really have been up in outer space but for many reasons I had to go there on sleeping pills for health reasons. I am really sure that I trained here on earth like any other Astronaut would and that I had a lot of fun.

Over the years, I have occasionally sat down and thought about how to build a rocket ship like I just explained and I believe that it all begins with understanding how a spring magnet and a wheel work together to propel the objects their attached to across the room. I do think that there needs to be a fossil fuel mixture made ready to keep in case of emergencies but I think that what is floating around in the atmosphere and in space can be harnessed with accumulators and particle ionizers much the way refrigeration gasses are manufactured here on earth in the lab. I loved Med School and the Centrifuge and probably the ride in the Clothes Dryer at the Laundromat that my brother tricked me into as a child before I fell asleep and woke up at home later on.

I wanted to say that staying busy thinking up new ways to get from here to there is a great idea and that everyone can be a part of it by just keeping up an attitude of cooperation with the people around them.

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