Hey Navy, Marine, National Guard what happened to Downtown Lincoln, Nebraska USA right in the middle of the country because it looks like somebody stole it to me just like somebody stole my wallet while I was asleep right here in Seattle, Washington USA along the Coast beside the Water where the Navy, Marine, National Guard Ships are parked and I’m a US Army Provost (Navy) Marshal w/o Property and I want my wallet with all my State Identification in it back and that’s an order

The State Government swore me in to be a US Marshal and didn’t give me my crime deterrent and almost 19 years later a State Doctor overdosed me on medication and a few months later a State Federal Judge over-ruled my Innocent Plea (Coincidentally there were 4 US Marshals on Duty at that Charlottesville, VA Circuit Courthouse 1/2007 when he did) and sent me to the State Prison where I was sexually assaulted  and the Sheriff didn’t nothing to help me and that’s probably because the State is the Navy and so is the Sheriff and they spend their life aboard ship taking it up the ass a few of them have told me and the man in the Army the Cabin boy they tie down over a barrel up on deck and ass rape just because he don’t want them too and it’s also written in  books that way written by the Navy but I thought that kind of shit only went on 200 years ago and I spent three months aboard ship and I’m as sure as there is a hell that I didn’t take it up the ass and they all act like a bunch of woman because I don’t want to and they keep bothering me while I just have to look after myself while I’m homeless and the craziest thing is I’m from Philadelphia, PA and I didn’t think in a million years that I would get beaten and then locked up and forced to change my plea to guilty while locked up in the City and County Jail of Charlottesville, VA for not being a queer that they would make up a District Robbery by Piracy so that they could jokingly call this US Marshal w/o Crime Deterrent a Pirate and leave him outside in the cold a homeless man daring him to actually commit a hijacking one day to get the hell out of Seattle, WA where it is practically nothing but State Officials that are crazier than hell and homosexual most of them because I may have after learning to play the  guitar with Lynard-Skynard down in El Paso when I was 11 years old and at the Holiday Inn with my mom after my uncle her brother nearly killed me for telling a gay man nurse to take his hands off of me because I’m not a homosexual and I quite have possibly taught Pearl Jam, Jane’s Addiction, Skid Row, Winger, Metallica, Guns N Roses and a few more of the local super Mega Star Bands of the 1990’s a few chords and the US Army Treasury in Texas and that’s the one that makes the Dollars.

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