Griefswold University, Germany and the beginning of the Marshal Service circa 1600 AD

Universities are like Farms, Plantations and Ranches where the Sheriff was the one assigned by everyone to crack the whip on the lazy and if the Minister didn’t like it he could get out right along with the rest of them and if he didn’t give much of an argument he was spared the lashes across his backside and it was German Society that decided this was the best solution to a lack of productivity at the manufacturing plant, disrepair of the buildings, a poor quality of drinking water and failing health at home. Yes, the beginning of a modern army that would know the problem and the solution to it. The Irish are German Catholics that appreciate this summation of our Common History together in the world that belongs to the God’s Holy Spirit and it would be entitled the Feudal and Fief system. The Feudal Lord is the Minister Marshal that would through conversation persuade the military to not be lazy and work at the problems until the solution came in the form of a Town with a Sheriff after the new community was up and running and becoming prosperous showing a profit that could be paid to the Minister Marshal and the next gang of lazy people turned Military would be sent away. Unlike the 17th Century, the 21 Century requires that the Minister Marshal of the Military do this job with a gun because everyone says it’s the best plan ever and that makes the Minister Marshal of the Military Chief of Police except for the Sheriff for some reason and as a Minister Marshal of the Military without a gun I want to know what the Sheriff’s problem is anyway with me. Yes, I do think with a good supply chain I can be very effective without a gun but I don’t think the Sheriff wants to part with that either unless I’m attached to it.

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