What are we doing?

The Capitol of the United States of America is Washington, DC and it is located upon the Maryland and Virginia State Line. I recently read that the United States Currency and Coin is produced in Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas. I don’t mind that the Currency and Coin are produced in Texas because they have contributed to America many great ideas concerning the Agriculture and Education Department. I’m from Pennsylvania though and I know that the National Guard, Post Office, Police and Fire Department as well as the very first United States Bank Mint were established in Philadelphia as was the United States of America at the signing of the United States Constitution by General George Washington of the Army and I have also read that the people that manage those places in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania go to and from Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, frequently. I have been to Texas and it seems like a place of many Highways and I’m sure that there is probably one that could get anybody with a car anywhere they need to go on land in a hurry and into space even faster. I’m wondering how long this pace can go on?

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