My Life with the First Army of the United States of America

I was born in the County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA on July 11, 1972.

I am a United States Marshal Police Officer, but there are probably many people that would rather I say that I am just the Minister of a local church and there are probably a few more that would just want me to say that I am just the pastor of the local church and some would just want me to say things about myself that aren’t true, today and I thank everyone that has made this seemingly impossible task of becoming an adult happen.

I was born at a Military Hospital and a very old one that is now a modern place but there is still part of the old neighborhood still around and I would be surprised if I had lived for more than a few days in some of those places. I say it that way because my dad was a Marine and a Philadelphia Police Officer and my mother worked for the poor as a Legal Secretary at a Criminal Law Firm in Center City Philadelphia and a Lawyer named Nino Tinari who was brought up on Federal Racketeering Charges and sent to the State Penn back in the 1990’s while we lived in Colorado and I was serving the First Army and well on my way to Celebrity having toured with the likes of the famous British Rock Band the Rolling Stones and U2, and had been introduced to loud noises and head injury and during that time and I had also hung around with the American Rock Band Van Halen, my dad a good man served with Eddie’s older brother back in Vietnam from 1965-1969 and they though it a suitable gift for some straight A’s I had received at Elementary School. I had already worked at many important offices myself during that time in the 1990’s like the Department of the Interior and the Department of Commerce around Independence Mall where the Liberty Bell is kept and under Armed Guard these days.

I guess that’s where this story goes today because it has brought back memories of who I am and I am a Army Drummer, Musketeer and Ordinance Man for as far back as I can remember having as a child and as an adult played the Big Bass Drum with the Band from Michigan of that Parade Field right out in front of the Liberty Bell but the second or was it the third time it was just with the squad from Philadelphia. I have also stood guard at the Liberty Bell and helped the people find their way around in an orderly manner always mindful that the children come first and to set any bastard straight that thought  otherwise. I also dressed in Revolutionary Uniform and in Civil War Uniform from the the American Revolutionary War Museum and Paraded though the streets of Philadelphia with a loaded Musket, a pound of Black Powder and three pounds of shot, my pay I was told which is safely being held back at the fort I am sure. I got to pull the Well-Oiled Canon Balls upon the Historic Wooden Cart and the Black Canon used during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, during a similar operation because I was directed should we come under attack anyone not in a similar uniform, to open fire and to strike them dead, about several hundred yards away I am sure near the Bourse Building a very famous Restaurant Brokerage House that has awesome food and drink for everyone. I believe it was to take up the same position as our forefathers and the founders of the United States of America and I only need refer to the former apartment of Squire Thomas Jefferson who would go to lead in a mighty way through difficult times as those that we all face on special occasions when we must rise above the muck and mire that we seem to devour and that corrupts our minds thinking that if we did then the change should do us good and whether I had realized it or not to defend the City from those think her children not capable of the ravages of War and the mellowing of age like a fine bottle of Port Wine by taking up the fight for prosperity and the love of another by the bearing of arms and the waving of flags and the vulgar display of uniformed solidarity refining what lies inside of each of us a Heart of Gold waiting to be discovered by it’s owner. I have since been awarded a Juris Doctorate and Judges Robes at the United State Courthouse of Appeals in Seattle, Washington USA and done many other notable accomplishments but I am always reminded of the people that have made this happen and I am in love and I am greatful for them. I have been working so hard lately to reestablish the communications system that had been disrupted by the start of the latest war in the Middle East lasting from 2001 – 2014 but as I was part of the first in my forty three years on earth during 1988 – 1992 serving as a US Physician and a US Magistrate on the field of Battle I am not a Spring Chicked that easily shies away from a fight and perhaps this is one of my weaknesses because I can not stand to see a child injured and I do ling to my inner child so tightly that I become so heavy handed I fear that I will not be able to handle one very well should I ever meet one that belongs to me or relish in the memory of the one that helped me to produce it that I mat die alone with the truth. I have served and I will continue to serve and should I not want to serve and if I don’;t serve I will pay dearly in knowing that I truly do a lot of belly aching sometimes and have given myself a headache  in trying to have more than I might truly deserve in trying to sleep in when there is work to be done in and around the house. Once again, I thank everyone that has helped me to come this far.

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