I like Charlottesville, Virginia, alot

I probably grew up with a lot of people from the University of Virginia that liked to hang around Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA and I hardly knew it cause we didn’t really like to talk about such things but we sure like to visit the signs, gravestones and the mile markers around town especially in Old City it’s just what we do when we’re there. I even got to work at the very first United States Post Office and it’s right there in Old City and I had fine time working there. I have held posts in that entire area and not a one got out of line with me in a Felony manner but I have been hit over the head a lot but I’m still alive and I sure am greatful for that. I once lived at the Chancellor Building in Charlottesville where back in the days of US President Jefferson two United States Police Officers was assasinated but they didn’t get this one. Well, the story sure do go on from there but I’ll let it be right now. Cause a whole Army of them been Assainated right there in Philadelphia Pennsylvania “Home of the Republican Party and the Holy “Ten Commandments of the Bible” “The United States Constitution” “The Declaration of Independence” and “The Home of U. S. President”. I sure do miss “Home” but duty calls and as the “US President” is my Representative I must advise him that he is needed in Washington, DC regurarly, but please, think of family first, they do need you very much I can handle the responsibility of morale out here on my own by the Grace and Mercy of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, God Almighty. I wanted to apologize for my harsh criticism, I have been under the weather fo so long. I do recognize everyone that still knows how to share with their brothers and sisters and I will continue to do so myself.

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