I climbed Mt. Bushnell – 14105 ft. Elevation (Highway 50 at Cotopaxi) w/ Chuck E. Cheese (My Brother Jerry worked at the one in Arvada, CO – near 88th Ave and Wadsworth Ave while I was at Police Marshal Academy – Denver City and County – Gilliam Youth Study Center) back when we attended the Hampden Academy (Coast Guard – Air Force) near Cherry Creek Resevoir at Parker Rd. and Hampden Ave. (1984 – 1988) Aurora, Colorado

My name is Michael Edward Reif and people by the name of Reif make the United States Air Force F-18 in Russia, have a Theater in Bavaria, Germany and Northern Minnesota, USA, a Manufacturing Plant in California and a Social Networking Provider for the Computer Internet in the United Kingdom and I have so many questions as to why it is I’m a Government Minister w/o Badge, Gun or Photo Id and I think it’s to share the wealth.

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