I am a Minister and I once lived and worked with the inmates at the Deep Meadow Correctional Center in Chatham, Virginia and It was named Pittsburgh County when I got there and Philadelphia County when I went on a Home Visit and Pennsylvania County when I got back and my job was to read the Holy Bible and Sing from the First Baptist Church Hymnal, 10 Hours a Day, 7 days a week, for over 1 year and I got to lift weights, shoot pool and make me 26 Dollars a Month for the last 5 months I was there, I got a ciggarette put out on my Penis and I nearly killed the Psychology who didn’t get see my penis but told me sometimes our other senses fool us right before she called the guard and told him to come get me and I spent some of my time in the Tiger Cage out in front of everybody siyting Indian Style singing to God and after a while they put me in the hole buck ass naked with Baseball Umpire Protective Gear on me and I sung all the Psalms the once through and 70 more before they sent me back to the same Dorm and then some boy learn’t what it meant to a man about it when I didn’t continue to beat on him after I had to put him in his place with a swift kick to the stomach when hesuckered me while I was praying with y eyes shut after I told him to mind his business when he asked about something I was saying to the Guard that gave me pencil and paper to write some love letters home or I’d knocked the shit out of him

Also, I read Tarzan, Congo and the Philosopher Thomas Hobbes Leviathan. I read some other books, too. I even meant a Dominican named Rizzo and my Bunkie named Black Moe and my next door neighbor named Carl the Russian-German.

The Captain of the Guard that directed me to the kennel Capt. Hook was an alright guy and told me to get a haircut we don’t walk around here like that. The man that escorted me was alright and so was the jerk that told me to kill myself even though sometimes when I think about him I think he serve a Witch Doctor. I hope they’re all okay where there at, now.

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