The Story of the Court as a Third Party Interest

When two Kingdoms are at War and the Children believe it is not a very good war they stop fighting and start making babies and well the Authorities find that detestable sometimes and they hold Court on all of their children and hire the poor usually to start a fight with their children who have stopped fighting and are making babies and in the process the Authorities have given away the Family Estate to the poor because they want their children to keep fighting and not to keep making babies because the Authorities think and feel as though they enough of this world and say their children owe it to them to keep taking it away from another kingdom even if it means losing everyone they know in the process and then everything before dying alone with only a homosexual lover and a bunch of old war stories to tell.

I guess the Judges would rather I say that they are just doing what the children want them to do at the Courthouse.

I’m a Judge but I’m one of the poorest Judges around that has never heard a Felony Case.

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