The Marshal and C. G. Jung

Could they be one and the same?

I’m not really sure myself but I suspect that the good doctor could have been a Public Minister and made a reputation for himself during a very difficult time in European and World History talking people back to their senses.

“Talking people back to their senses?”

Have you ever heard the expression “Let me talk some sense into you?” and then you agree and the person tells you something he thinks that you don’t know and then tells you something that you didn’t know, well. that’s what it means.

The purpose of talking some sense to someone is that you notice that something is not right about the way that they see or hear what’s going on around them and the purpose of talking some sense into them is mutual compensation.

Usually when someone isn’t seeing things correctly their looks are crazy and that means their thoughts are probably of a psychotic nature and they are close to hurting or killing someone and usually and usually when they don’t hear things correctly it’s the same but they seem to be the only one that is directly and immediately affected by the hearing loss and that can be dangerous for other people, too and that has been called having a neurotic or a socieopathic condition with the only difference being that neurosis is indicated by a strong attachment to someone specific as if their survival depended on it.

C.G. Jung was an Austrian  Neurologist that turned to American Psychology to improve the Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders that were both Real (Somatic) and Imagined (Psychosomatic) and probably studied the craft with William James; America’s first Psychologist, I have a similar background and these are some of the famous people of the Profession that have helped me to become who I am and I thank them very much.



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