The Courthouse is a Church

Why would both my Mother’s side of the Family (Doyle) and my Father’s side of the Family (Reif) go to all the trouble of helping me to become a US Marshal or Public Minister, meant to represent them at the City Hall Courthouse and the Church if they aren’t going to follow through on the Contracts by delivering the Property that goes with the Contracts. It seems to me they are suffering from mental illness because everyone is going to think they are retarded for forcing one of their kin that’s a Scientist to sleep outside like a stray animal and because he’s human he hear’s other humans tell him his kin did it to him like this because he refuses to be homosexual thinking that God has told him that they’re are already enough homosexuals around here. There’s an old theory in the government that explains it and that is that they are rich police that beat him into unconciousness and blamed the poor and their rivals for it and are keeping the majority of his pay and taxing everyone for any reason involving their kin claiming they are his caretakers and that they are Court Officers that demand respect for Law and Order and that without permission they are not allowed near their kinsman that is not only a qualified Scientist but a Judge of the same degree as the US Supreme Court and the theory is basically the Good Cop/Bad Cop Scenario (Scene of the Act; like in at the Theater Stage Play) and that they simply want their kinsman dead to cover up the fact that they abused him as a child and then unable to keep up the abuse wanted him to become homosexual because they did and now they use the wealth they all made to pay other people to keep up the abuse while taxing those who meet with failure in their attempt to Assassinate the Marshal who happens to be one of their kinsman and as the leader is their King so it is quite simple that I know I’m not a homosexual or Bisexual and I know some of my kin are Professional Government and are also Homosexual and Bisexual. The important thing to remember is that rape is against the law and rape is defined as the obvious coercion by force and the denial of citizenship rights in the effort to have someone have sex. I don’t want it to be this way but I am in a locality where it does appear that one of my Kin is a County Judge and it’s on the record that possibly my mom’s side of the family owns real estate in the area worth millions of dollars here in King County Seattle, Washington USA.

I am grateful for the small amount of money I receive from Social Security but I am also aware that it might not be any of my kin contributing anything to that and that they have simply researched who is authorizing the payouts and are attempting to tax them out of the business for it because my kin want me homosexual or bisexual so bad that they won’t rest until I am and that they enjoy flaunting their wealth in everybody’s face but I could be wrong and even knowing they have done bad things that I still love them and hope that maybe they will follow through on those contracts they so cleverly gave the impression to me that other people wanted me to be a Marshal and are setting them up for a downfall and that they just wanted me to be their little boy that the neighbors injured and that shouldn’t have to have so much responsibility.

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