I once heard that the New York Police Department Headquarters is filled with a lot of “Doyle” and “Kelly”

My Mom’s Maiden name is “Doyle” and my Aunt “Maddie” was married to a man named “Dennis Kelly” and they apparently support a Judaeo-Christian Police Chief that looks very Middle – Eastern at least around the time that the World Trade Center was hit by a Commercial Passenger Jet Air Liner (2001) and the WTC is the location of NYPD Police Headquarters and it’s near Battery Park and Saint Peter’s Church where at the time of the American Revolution (1776 -1787) General George Washington, the very first US President, was held captive until the final draft of the US Constitution was ready for his signature at Constitutional Hall at Independence Mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA, also, coincidentally, my hometown and since Thomas Jefferson the first Secretary of State and one that quit government and the third US President had declared Independence from Government igniting a full scale war with the British, the longest standing government Europeans living in the America’s had ever known at the time, was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia it isn’t really all that surprising that when I passed through that territory that the Charlottesville, Virginia Authorities would want to lay hands on me and to try and figure out why it is a US Marshal doesn’t have anything to prove it (except their knowledge) and appears to have amnesia with such a large and wealthy family and I guess we all have our answer because nine years later they made me feel so unwelcome (mostly because I didn’t give in to homosexual prostitution and my memory came back) that I left and now I have returned to Seattle, Washington and face homelessness while there is a King County Judge with the same name as my mother’s maiden name (Doyle) presiding at the King County Courthouse and my memories of having been here before have returned mostly and it’s about the same kind of situation as the one in Charlottesville but there are a lot of other situations that are similar to this around the entire country. I have been doing some research and “Doyle” are wealthy Hotel Owners and “Reif” are wealthy Theater Owners as well as United States Air Force Jet Fighter Manufacturers in Russia (F-18).

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