A Chemical (Neuromuscular/Brain-Heart) Imbalance brought on by Nicotine (Nicotinamide-Niacin) or too many Green Leafy Vegetables can be balanced out with mushrooms leveling off cyclothymia/disthymia, Manic/Depressive, Bipolar (Neurosis/Psychosis) in a Psychosociopath if he doesn’t rip your tongue out in front of everybody they know and sit back down to read a book and it can be reset with Milk

“Sounds good to me, I’ll have the Spinach and Creamy Mushroom Soup with extra Mushrooms, It’s because I smoke cigarettes and before you take the doctor’s order can you tell me if there is smoking allowed in this restaurant, I have a terrible nervous condition brought on by the tragic consequences of donating my body to Science before it was legal.”

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