I graduated from the Sheriff – Police Academy a Detective at 16 years of age and I was awarded my Juris Doctorate right here in King County Seattle, Washington US at the US Courthouse of Appeals when was 22 years of age

A lot of Authority thinks I came up too fast and many people think that I’m an idiot and because I’m not gay they think I’m so mean and that’s probably why I’m without a gun and homeless and basically always have been fighting off the sexually desperate that resort to violence to get their way.

I was born in Philadelphia County on July 11, 1972 at the General Hospital.

I’m Irish, English, Dutch, German, Italian, French and possibly Spanish or Portuguese American and I my parents are probably from Brooklyn, New York but my National Origin is Bavarian and Virginia makes National Policy and I’m a US Marshal Police Officer without property because US Marshal Headquarters in Arlington Virginia Washington DC says so and I was nearly murdered by way of Psychotropic Poisoning when I walked myself into the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, coincidentally the location of the US Army JAG Law School with a Complaint of Amnesia and quite a story to tell about how I got it and they sent me to Richmond and they gave me a  shot in the ass of Risperadol and sent me back to Charlottesville and I became almost completely paralyzed within 2 weeks and they invited me to stay at On Our Own of Charlottesville and attend Psychiatric Counseling at Region 10 C.S.B. and then moved me to an apartment near Monticello Ave and Avon St and in total 18 months later after some people kept coming around and inviting themselves into my place with drugs and alcohol I had a heart attack and a stroke and spent 7 days laid up in a Hospital 4 months later I was framed for a robbery by Piracy by the Police Department and a Drag Queen.

Of course they probably would say we couldn’t take the chance we thought maybe he was up to something and that he was trying to get close to the wealthy to kill them, etc, etc, etc and we did what we always do as if that’s suppose to make any sense.

I guess they have replaced the love of God “Mercy” with the love of money “Death” and they just keep continuing on sweating me because its good money but most of it’s going into their pockets and they think they’re so cool making me homeless and alone and broke sand telling me it’s because I’m not a homosexual so they don’t ever have to be what a bunch of real chicken shits and cowards.

They think they got the legal right to persecute and crucify.

I grew up between Philly and Aurora, Colorado mostly and the US Marshals of Philly make their home in Virginia, as most Rich Virginians make their home in Philly as City Police and the poor New Yorker’s in the Ghettoes and Gangs of NYC and spend most of their time as National Policy Makers and the Military in Colorado hired by the Chiefs of Police the Marshals now Headquartered in Washington DC to build up those Front Range Towns that I have frequented since 1980 as far as I know called Aurora and Denver and they’re the ones that slapped the crazy label on me first and then Charlottesville and Richmond took over and it was the City Police of all locations (the City Police are of Southern Manufacture having been Sheriffs Deputies at the Hotel that wanted to keep all the profits for themselves long ago and had to open a theater to explain themselves by lying through their teeth up on stage before the audience until they learned how to behave themselves by paying back some of that money they steal from everyone and don’t get mad at me if you think I don’t know what I’m talking about because you can look it up at the library in something called a book to read like I did a long, long, long, time ago and that explains some of the bludgeonings or head trauma if you don’t know what that means).

I guess there’s just to much corruption for this straight guy to have the police property that was promised to him 27 years ago and I guess they going to keep advertising and playing dumb while sending all the Possible Rapists and Murders that’s Gay and Horny and Stupid and Greedy. for me to do a critical Psyche evaluation on while there is no private home for me to retreat to in the world.

Writing this one feels like the crowd is twisting my spine.

The Crowd is talkative but as usual I have an overwhelming impression that they want me to make them a lot of money and they’re really not interested in getting me private quarters.

Starbucks – Seattle, Washington USA – 4th Avenue and Union Street

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