Scapula, Clavicle, Manubrium of Sternum, Body of Sternum

There are two Scapula Bones (Shoulder Blades) and each one is connected to each of the two Clavicles (Collar Bones) which are connected to the Manubrium of Sternum which is connected to the Body of Sternum (Breast Plate) in the front center of the upper body and these bones resemble a U-Shaped Cradle that freely rests atop a Bird Cage containing the Vital Internal Organs, (necessary for oxygenating and circulating the blood throughout the body) and all of these bones are comforted by the Deltoid Muscles, Platsyma Muscle Group (considered superficial meaning not necessary to have functionality by some) which are supported by the Pectoral Girdle Muscles and the Trapezius Muscles (also Superficial) that comfort the Rib Bones that are attached to the Vertebrae (Back Bone) of the Spine and are in close proximity to the Cervical Nerves and the Thoracic Nerves as well as the Descending Aorta of the Vascular System contained within the Rib Cage and attached to the Aortic Arch and then the Heart Muscle which is the beginning and end of the Cardiovascular and Circulatory System of the Blood.

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