1812 Was quite a year for making plans that would leave a lasting impression, I’ve read

It was the era of US Presidents Jefferson, Madison and Monroe and when US President Jackson decided Washington, DC was going to be attacked at the 1st United States Mint in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Bank and Biddle Building, a National Corporation, to set the record straight and complete the transaction causing the Bank and Biddle Company to surrender the facility to the US Congress as they were thought to be acting like Privateers and the US Mint was relocated a short distance away and the common name of our country was placed upon the structure in bold fashion “US Treasury Mint”.  There was a War in Texas that brought the “Wealth of Mexico” to Washington, DC and it has strongly been suggested that in the 1820’s when the US Capitol Building was nearly burned down and then in the clean up gutted that it should remain that because of the actions of the US Congress during that Genre but after the renovations the Marshals from New York that had survived were quartered in the basement while the Federalists built the US Supreme Court and no sooner did the Nationalists of Congress show the Marshals the New Building they were all nearly killed in the US Civil War (1861-1865) and the fight between the US Marshals and the Federalists seems to have been most about whether the US Government should be led by a Federal Banker, a Public Minister or an Attorney at Law.

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