The United States Marshal and the United States Marshal Service

I’m a United States Marshal and I think that most of my blood relatives work for the United States Marshal Service and that means they work for a United States Marshal as United States Deputy Marshals or simply Magistrates and even the Sheriff is a Magistrate and I guess they would say they only work for the one that deputized them and that’s not true according to law because they work for all United States Marshals as does everyone else in the United States Marshal Service. It’s interesting to note that United States Marshals are on Salary and receive Reward Money for successful prosecutions but their Stocks and Bonds are the first to be sold if the economy is poor and the Deputy Marshals are the last to be sold. I don’t really understand why it is they made me a United States Marshal but didn’t give me Proper Identification meaning I have no Deputies, no patients and no clients and no Probationary’s or Parolees and I’m on Social Security Disability but I’m still a Physician and an Attorney and a Judge but I don’t think anyone really wants me anymore because my Blood relatives seem to be queer and wealthy because I think that my Mom’s Family owns a lot of real estate in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Aurora, Colorado and Seattle, Washington for sure and mt dad’s family owns a lot of real estate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Northern Minnesota and Bavaria, Germany and I guess it’s like they always said if I’m not going to queer then there’s no room at the inn. So I guess this is goodbye because I’m really getting sick and tired of all of this snobbery and the vultures are circling.

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