Perpetual Energy

I’d like to figure out how to make an engine that could lift the Space Shuttle into Outer Space using nothing but Electricity. I figure that I probably should start with AC – DC Power as I understand it from a Bridgeport, Connecticut Drill Press I once Operated while working at a Fastening Products Manufacturing Plant in Holmes, Pennsylvania for the SEPTA, Pennsylvania, United States Railroad that ran on Alternating Current until the drill bit got stuck in the Metal Project and then Direct Current would automatically be injected to break the bit free as it was backed off the Metal Project and then re-engaged with Alternating Current. So first I guess I would need a Turbine Engine that used Direct Current to get off of this planet and then Alternating Current to fly through Outer – Space and to land safely. I would need an Atomic Particle Accumulator and a Condenser to produce fuel and then to inject the fuel into the Combustion Chamber of the Turbine Engine. I guess I would also need Solar Panels to and Batteries, Capacitors and Transformers. Last I heard the Space Shuttle must travel at about 18,000 miles per hour before it can leave Earth’s Atmosphere 23 miles above the Earth’s Surface where most Satellites orbit the Earth held in place by gravity which is though to be the pull from the center of the earth where it is constantly in Atomic Flux that is produced from the Solar (Sun) Gravitational pull and with Solar Winds I think that during space travel air foils and baffles strategically placed throughout the craft we could gather enough atomic particles to get the job done expertly considering all of the planets are thought to have been created by the shedding of Atomic (Chemical Elemental Chart) Particles from the Sun. I think that through the use of a disco floor (rotating disc just beneath the surface) aboard ship would generate sufficient gravity to safely counter (think: Dynamo and Magneto) the gravitational pull of any planetary strain upon life aboard, possibly even cultivate life in much the same way. Maybe one day this will be realized by the heads and I could go for a ride again.

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