What are the United States Marshals in Dallas/Fort Worth and at the Western Currency Facility (United States Mint) think they’re doing calling a United States Marshal that has never had his Police Property delivered to him for good that spent a year at the Colorado Boys Ranch in La Junta, Colorado allowing the Virginia Authorities to call him a Black Pirate probably because he’s from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and locking him up in State Prison with Puerto Ricans and Blacks mostly on a Federal Charge they aren’t authorized to Prosecute and why did they do it

It’s no secret the Texans are into gambling (Texas Hold ‘Em, Poker, Blackjack) it goes with being a Cowboy.

I guess I should I should be grateful for the Social Security and Medicare that I get every month even though I’m homeless and the State Department says I can’t get married or own any Real Estate that I would need a Title or Deed to call my own.

I wonder if it really is the fact that I’m not a Homosexual and they wronged me out of spite like a woman scorn might when an available man says he’s not interested in having sex with them. I have these thoughts all day and night in all my loneliness while they all come around acting like jerks to me and disrespecting me like I’m not worthy of being treated like a human being and yes I knoe my contracts were signed in Denver and Philadelphia and I attended Police Academy throughout the United States and State Governments throughout the world and I became a LAPD Detective in Uniform right here in Seattle, Washington and they showed me off to the entire city and county in the Seattle Police Academy over at West Precinct and that I was also hired to be a King County Sheriff and then a CSO and even graduated A Magistrate-Judge in Uniform here. I guess if I don’t want to queer I must not want to eat very much according to them.

I also know that I might be the little boy from Bavaria that King County Brooklyn, New York adopted when his dad JR (John Reif aka Gerald Reif) went from Marine to City Police in Philly to an Insurance Salesman (probably Secret Service Police) and then went west to Denver and wound up getting branded with a Star that looks just like the King County Jail Badge here in Seattle and told me the people that did it said it was to remind him of who he works for and councidentially all US Marshals also serve the UK and and several other City County States (Federal Government with lots of National Corporations).

Oh well!

I guess it’s all over now.

So long!


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