United States Law is Statute and then Argumentative

Judges are bound to Statutory Law which are Laws formed by Lawyers during Congress with other Lawyers or House of Representatives in conversation with Attorneys or Senators Elected by Convention of all prominent Citizens (Conventional Law) that have placed a dollar value on the things that we say and do with one another that are appreciated or despised (Despotic Law) which is the foundation of Currency Law and base rulings on precedent (former decisions by the Court called Case Law) and the Regulations (objections of the Lawyers practicing Law) that became obvious during the Case Proceeding (Trial by Jury) and then were allowed as evidence in establishing how someone must behave (Mens Reas or Guilty Mind and Actus Reus or Guilty Act) that is breaking the law that has yet to be formed (Procedural Law) and when certified as a true crime(Centiori Law) by other Law Enforcement Officers (People that risk their Life, Limb and Property to Apprehend and bring to the attention of someone accused of a crime by a (Claimant Law) becomes Precedent Law and certain respect for the possibility of innocence (Defendants Law) is how we have arrived at the rights of the majority (Foundation Law) but it was in the interest of longevity amongst the competition that brought the National Law (Slavery Law) meeting the right for work for pay (Midshipman Law) and Maritime Law (the right to travel without paying more than one in the majority) to everyone’s attention while knowing that it would only be right to charge a one time fee to a competitor (Marine Law) shedding light on Civil Law and when the Civil Law was dismissed we arrived at (Criminal Law) open warfare between persons with the attention to dismiss work for pay (Contract Law) and as there are oceans separating land (Naval Law) the people that sought to travel relied upon having what it is of value in exchange for the Civil Law (Commerce Law) and should that not be accepted as sufficient then something must be done to avoid capture (Military Law) and forced to give everything (Bond Law) and as this usually involved a written promise (Stock Law) of future profit (Commodity Law) and pay would be returned for the service (Commission Law) and this is how Foundation Law meant with a Sheriff (Landlord) you and me (Tenant Law) and it was discovered and a village began (Town Law) and other villages came by to say hello (Borough Law) and bring apple and pumpkin pie (Custom Law) and if one of the children got mad and threw the pie on the ground and was sent away (Ward Law) and this became the Custom (City Law) and when we left safely to go build a home (County Law) we relied on the Police (Municipal Law) to watch over our belongings and if the Police didn’t (Federal Law) and if we were mistaken (Sheriff Law) and if the Sheriff was Mistaken (State Law).

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