One Day I’ll have Some Place to Call Home

I’m a Minister. I smell bad almost everyday. I sleep outside and I think it’s because I’m not a homosexual. I go to shelters to take a shower and wash my clothes sometimes but they are full of homosexuals and most of the people there don’t like me because I’m a Minister and a Police Officer and I’m not homosexual because they make eyes at me and tell stories of the homosexual variety. I don’t think the people that frequent Shelters for assistance everyday like Ministers or Police Officers. I know that Shelters are part of the Community Corrections Program and that there are probably more than a few Prostitutes, Alcoholics, Drug Addicts and Convicted Felons for Sex Crimes there and that they are homosexual and that they were sent there by a Minister or a Police Officer because I have been going to Shelters for a longtime. I don’t know why my fellow Ministers and Police Officers decided that I was going to get so much training as a Minister and a Police Officer by way of the War in the Middle East and Prison and Shelters but I’m sure it was to make me a lifer in those places but I’m tired now and I don’t mind smelling bad and being so poor I have to beg everyday for enough money for a cup of coffee, cigarettes, food and water when the Social Security Check runs out. Sometimes, I think that the Police Department has gone insane expecting so much from everyone and that they want the world to know it. I think that they are all probably just homosexuals and that’s what they really want the world to know. What’s the difference? Like I said I am Minister and a Police Officer wherever I am in this world it’s the law. I’m just not homosexual. I guess some of the reason is that I have never been married and I don’t have any children. I have never even purchased any kind of home. I haven’t even ever purchased anything worth a lot of money. I have never been more than $4,500 in debt. I became a LAPD Detective at 16 years of age and a Physician, Psychiatrist, Professor and got a promotion to Inspector a short time later and then I became a United States Magistrate Basic Civil and Criminal Lawyer at 16 1/2 years of age and a Sheriff/C.S.O. by 19 years of age and a United States Magistrate – Judge by 19 3/4 years of age and I even had my picture taken in Judge’s Robes with my Diploma in Hand at the United States Courthouse of Appeals in Seattle, Washington USA. I have gone on “World Tour” with so many Movie and Music Stars over the years I get a headache trying to remember all of that by myself in one sitting and sometimes the people that ask me about it look like they do to right before it looks as if they are going to run away and tell somebody and then possibly hide from me or them that the conversation stops and I just go back to thinking about it all by myself except I start talking out loud and I usually start getting really mad about it and I want to run away and hide. I have never had anything on paper for very long before they took it away to prove what I say about my being a United States Judge which is a Public Minister, a Corporate Chief Executive Officer and a Chief at the Civilian, Military and Federal Police Department and a Chief at the Fire Department, too and some government-type people say the “Sheriff of all Sheriffs” because we are so good at our job. I feel like a bum. I was wondering how they feel about that? I have been called “Edgar Oscar the Grouch of Say’s Me Land” and “Bizarro” by a few people. I guess this time around I have spent over 2 years in the trenches and some people I don’t really know don’t mind telling me that I smell like it and I understand that’s because I do. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA I talked to Squirrels, Pigeons and Rats and here in Seattle, Washington USA I talk to Pigeons and Rats and I’m starting to think that’s because they got together and killed the squirrels in some cock eyed scheme and conspiracy to frame them for stealing all of the compliments and when they tried to pin it on them they fought back and had to stage a hasty retreat but that they are coming back one day maybe next Spring to claim their place back in the Park near the trees and that’s mostly because I keep getting attacked by bullies while I’m asleep and I think they’re all high on drugs because the government doesn’t like them knowing the difference between right and wrong and if you were to ask them you’d probably agree with me unless you’re a drug addicted homosexual like them and then I guess obviously you’d agree with them unless you of course can’t tell the difference between right and wrong and that’s probably why after telling the Department of Transportation and Department of Motor Vehicle about how my wallet with all of my State identification in it got taken from my pocket as I slept on the grass of a church nearby the United States Courthouse here they basically told me so what and then when I tried to get a copy of my birth certificate from Pennsylvania they just told me that I need a State Identification and well I think that you know where this is going now, I’m a Prisoner of War and I guess I’m also Missing in Action right here in my Homeland, the United States of America. The United States Constitutional Law Legal Interpretation and Analysis says this is Felony Kidnapping by the Government Representatives and I guess they should know for sure because they wrote the book and well it’s the City Police because they are the State’s Representatives and besides that I told a few of them and the scene looked probably looked like a casual meeting to someone across the street if I wasn’t standing there yelling at them and calling them all a bunch of crooks when it appeared as though they were almost laughing at me but were just smiling at me. The Sheriff just seems to look at me if I am crazy when I talk to them about it but I guess after working the County Jail for so long they have seen all kinds of POW/MIA. I just can’t seem to understand why the City and County are being so hard on me. I know that I claimed to have had Amnesia and that’s why Virginia gave me a pill that caused me to have a Heart Attack and a Stroke just like the warning label on the bottle said it would that I found after it happened and then put me in Prison for being a Pirate (a robbery charge where the victim says I asked him for a dollar and then beat me up because he doesn’t like me and that he want’s me put in Prison for a few years which they did as he was dressed like a Drag Queen at the Circuit Court) before I left after I remembered that I am a United States Marshal and told the State Criminal Investigator so and he just said “So, what!” and “You’re still not getting paid”. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of Police and Sheriff in the family and I guess they are all just so disappointed in me for not being queer that they have just decided they don’t ever want to talk to me again but I’m pretty sure they’re following me around because complete strangers practically tell me so yes to my face when they’re acting like homosexual bullies to me and usually right after somebody steals something off of me in my sleep and if the voice in my head is them I guess they really don’t care that I care so much and I guess that’s all very thrilling to them because it’s something called homosexual foreplay right before they do something like this to someone else and then go have oral and anal sex for awhile. I wonder if they’re are any normal Police, Firefighters and Sheriffs like me anymore. Has the United states of America really just gone full blown queer? I hope that there’s still room at the Inn one day because a lot of the time I think me and Jesus Christ are getting very tired of sleeping in the stables and out in the wilderness.

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