I just meant a guy that told me that he hopes the US Army isn’t conducting Police Work in the City of Seattle, Washington USA because it’s illegal

I wonder if he knows that the US Courthouse of Appeals and Seattle University were built by the United States Army Police and that in becoming a Doctor or Lawyer the US Army must give consent.

The United States Military Law is for the Army, Marine and Air Force and when in Contract, all of other branches of the Armed Services as the Legal Authority, as well.

The United States Criminal Justice Law is for the Navy and when in Contract, all of the other Branches of the Armed Services, too.

The Police and Sheriff are essentially Navy Lawyers and Attorneys meant to Uphold Law by Advocacy to the Citizens and when in Uniform by Contract with the Military to also Enforce Law.

As most things come in three’s it is usually the Merchant Marines, Coast Guard and Army as the Policing Agency’s along United States Coast Line having hired the Nationl Guard as Security inside important places like the Bank, Post Office, Museum, Courthouse, Library and Jail and eventually the Interior of the Country.

Between the Coast Lines the National Guard went on Patrol to become Sheriffs and secure the towns and then to pave the way for the Navy on an uninhabited beach along the Coast Line and then to build an Airport somewhere within the Interior.

The Army Regular (Laborer) after completing a Civil Service Exam will have decided to work for the Navy as a Marine.

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