What do the United States Marshals and the Federal Government do besides Jet Set and Globe Trot

I thought they liked to provide and protect everyone according to the United States Constitution and the “Bill of Rights” so that a personal problem with the State Government “Sheriffs and Police Chiefs ” doesn’t end badly free of charge?

Who protects and provides when it’s a personal problem with the United States Marshals and the Federal Government?

I started my life in Government at the bottom and worked my way to the top at a very young age (12) in the United States Police – Sheriff Academy and the United States Law states that no one having been convicted of a crime will be offered the US Marshal Service Contract in a United States Courthouse like I was when I was at 16 years of age, legal under the United States Secret Service Law, back in 1988 and knowing this even if the present day law on the matter states something else the Law at the time of the Contract signing is binding and still prevails because United States Judges are bound by the Common Law of Precedent in Civil, Criminal and Contract Law and Precedent are previous decisions by the Court in which the Laws are made where there was no law before and must be adhered to before a case reaches the Courtroom are the rule and guide in handling the situation is exposed and the Court looks incompetent persuading the community to not pay taxes in support of the Court and the Officers that Uphold and Enforce the Law or the City Police and County Sheriffs and if the Court has no support than it has been proven that Anarchy will soon take over the minds of the people inviting Communism and then Socialism which historically has been proven to deny City Police and Sheriffs support for long periods of time resulting in premature death of the government because of a lack of affordable modern convenience and enthusiastic tax payers.

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