I’ll get over it

There are so many Lawyers and Attorneys that work for the United States Government it’s tough thinking about them all sometimes. I thank God everyday that the average pay for them all is $65,000 a year and the ability to practice law and make considerably more practicing law, considering the US Government Officer that hired them is a United States Marshal; a Public Minister, that on average makes only $99,000 a year salary and can not practice law for more money, might receive a reward of up to $50,000 for the successful prosecution of a crime that an Attorney; the Prosecutor, feels is in the communities best interest but the United States Marshal, can ask the Lawyers and Attorneys for start up money for a private business that also does public work if the Attorney (United States Treasury Police [Sheriff] Officer) feels is in the communities best interest.

I’m a United States Marshal but the Company (Police and Sheriff) won’t give me my Employer Identification # so that I can begin hiring some of those Lawyers and Attorneys and forwarding the paperwork to Washington, DC so that they can begin getting paid somewhere near the average and while I am patiently waiting for that Employer Identification # I have only about $12,000 a year of income and I can’t make any money practicing Law even though I’m a Lawyer. I must also wear the label of “Criminally Insane” so that criminals might take the chance at taking advantage of a wild eyed crazy bum that wanders the streets. I say wild eyed crazy bum because if you had worked hard at becoming a Professor of Education and then became a United States Marshal and the people you work with told you that you were going to fight in a War 12,000 miles away without a gun and that you had to take prescription medication that causes paralysis, had to go to a State Prison for a crime you didn’t commit, beginning when you were 12 years old you might be a wild eyed crazy bum too in everyone’s viewfinder meant to be a whore to the rich and homosexual even if you weren’t homosexual like me.

It’s astounding to think that when I became a United States Marshal (Sheriff) Police Officer the entire United States Congress agreed that it was in the best interest of the community but apparently the United States Treasurer disagreed because it is against the Law for a United States Marshal to be without a gun in the community because it is not in the communities best interest and then to think that I am bad mouthed for not enforcing all of the law when in the communities best interest I am not expected to do so without a gun and I think about it constantly and that’s probably because there are so many Attorney’s and Lawyers that will not leave me be and provide something in exchange for my good behavior other than a paltry amount of money every month knowing that there are non – government persons receiving more and that they would shanghai me and overdose me on the cripple drug and then beat me into unconciousness and hurried me through a Circuit Court proceeding while I was on Sedatives prescribed by a doctor for almost 2 years knowing that they don’t have the authority to prosecute a United States Marshal for anything,even if there are 4 United States Marshal assigned to that Courthouse in Charlottesville, Virginia, luckily it’s only 1 Felony and its a Piracy Charge in the Federal District in the City and County processed by the State because the arresting city police officer did not show up for court over 7 months after I was taken into custody and I was not provided an Attorney until 6 months after the arrest, about two hours away from Washington, DC where the US Marshal is the Director at the United States Department of Criminal Justice and issues orders to lower United States Court Officials, like the FBI, and the Supreme Court would have conducted a Criminal Proceeding of a United States Marshal after the United States Congress (Attorneys and Lawyers) conducted an Official Impeachment Proceeding of the United States Marshal; a United States Judge, inside of the United States Capitol Building with the United States Marshal in question present and accounted for and not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, not even prescription, as stated in the United States Legal Code and the Law.

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