The German Model of Government brought us the Feudal and Fief System of Tax Collection for Police Protection and Soldiers known as the Municipal Corporation

Munich, Germany is also known as “Muenster” and it has almost always had a Municipal Government and during the Establishment of London, England was determined to be the best available that would feed, clothe and house the poor.

I think that after having discovered this information that it’s safe to say that at the turn of the Century some careful people came up with Monster Movies like “Frankenstein” and “Dracula” because they realized that the greedy didn’t want to share tax dollars with the poor by seeing the big dumb tax collector and the alcoholic professional for what they were and wanted to reveal it and still remain honest about it projecting them as victims of circumstance and not really the cause of ruin for a good idea (Municipal Power) that changed the way people thought about the meaning of government and made authority a special word associated with the Police Officer. I think that it has also led to the idea that Germans (Federal Police) are ugly people that drink the blood of the innocent and kill their rivals by eating them the same way that Cannibals called Pygmies do in Africa.

Interestingly enough Psychotropic Medication was first used at Charlottesville General Hospital during the US Civil War (1861 – 1865) to get a Confession from the Soldier needing Medical Attention in the attempt to end the war and it caused Canabolism because it is an overdose of “Vitamin B” which is a life threatening condition causing “Paralysis” by way of “Chronic Blood Clotting” in the Cardiovascular System around the Heart Muscle leading to an obstruction in the flow of blood to the Lungs and oxygen deprivation to the Brain creating an Aneurysm that looks a lot like Atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries which is an air bubble in the arteriole system of the brain that when popped by fragments of the dissolving Blood Clot in the Lungs leads to premature death by Pulmonary Embolism or Heart Attack and Stroke, Hemiplegia, or dizziness causing a fall and broken bones or stitches and has been termed the “Magic Bullet” by those attempting to eliminate the competition in any situation or the “Silver Bullet” by “Federal Police Investigators” who might say to someone, “Every cloud has a silver lining” whenever they come across an Actor or Actress or anyone they like and wanted to keep alive because of those that might dislike the person and wanted to kill in a shroud of mystery possibly to get the community hysterical so that in all of the confusion “Media” or “Money” could be made while everyone in the community is trying to figure it all out as there have been so many drugs that mimic psychotropic medication manufactured since the US Civil War used everywhere to kill and give the killer time to escape before the Police Investigator has time to discover the motive for the Murder, Attempted Murder or Assault and Battery that the primary reason I think is that people feel like the “Media” or “Money” is to blame for all of their problems in coping with everyday issues that are more easily resolved through conversation that doesn’t cost anything but a few minutes out of the day.

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