My Birth Certificate says I was born in the County of Philadelphia

But at the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Brooklyn, New York there was somebody with my name of National Origen from Bavaria, Germany given Citizenship and the Witness was John Reif.

My Dad’s Baptismal name is Gerald “John” Reif and he was a Marine who at 17 years old served his first year in “Iceland” and then was a Philadelphia Police Officer at the time I was born on July 11, 1972 and my Mom was a Legal Secretary by the name of S.M. Doyle.

My Dad became an Insurance Salesman and then a Chief Security Officer at the Marriott Hotel in Downtown Denver, Colorado while we lived in Aurora, Colorado.


The “Reif” Family builds Theaters and the “Doyle” Family builds Hotels.

One of my Grand Moms is a “Meese” and my other Grand Mom is either a “Taylor” or a “Brasch”.

Is it any wonder I’m a “Government Minister” that prays to God everyday that love will win the argument and the fight.

I seem to think that I am that boy from Bavaria that was given a Birth Certificate stating that he was born in the Philadelphia General Hospital and lived in Brroklyn, New York at the time and that it’s all possible under “Federal Law of States”.


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