I do believe the State of Washington is where rich State Police from everywhere come to build their Estate and the Washington State Patrol protect their interest in the State of Washington with no legal Authority elsewhere except that of a Security Guard to the State Police

It’s a unique situation where the State of Washington is the only State in the United States of America that has such a Policy also they disagree with the US Legal Code that states where ever US Currency is used to buy and sell anything the US Marshal is the Chief of Police and the Sheriff of the State and have been attempting to limit the US Marshal’s Law Enforcement Power by any legal means necessary.

Coincidentally, I am a US Marshal without Police Property and my two Bachelors Degrees are from Washington and Colorado and I recently read that the Secretary of State in the State of Washington passed the Colorado State Bar. Colorado is where I became a US Physician and a US Magistrate but they with held my Identification from me. I became a US Marshal in Pennsylvania and I’m trying to determine how that fits in to all of this.

Also, I graduated International Police Academy here in Seattle, Washington and was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department first as a Detective and then as an Inspector but was told they would retain my Police Property because of Advanced Schooling with the United States Marshal Service. I think somebody other than me is doing something very unethical.

The State of Washington is also a place of last resort and second chances for those looking for a new beginning and a way to start over after Felony Prosecution and under United States Law it’s supposed to be in another country as slave labor.

I was overdosed on psychotropic medication and framed for a piracy charge in Charlottesville, Virginia and I am now on Social Security and Medicare trying to sort all of this out while I am homeless in Seattle, Washington USA.

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