I truly believe that I am being led on to think that the “Municipal Government” has decided that by labeling me “Criminally Insane” and coercing a guilty plea at gun-point on a “Robbery by Piracy” that the small amount in Social Security and Medicare that I receive should be enough for everyone to help them keep me from proving I’m still capable of doing the job of a United States Marshal Police Officer or in layman’s terms the Sheriff of all the Sheriffs and their Deputies the City Police and Security (Guards) Forces

Municipal Government is Metropolitan Government and the Municipal Guard (Security Police) as Secret Service Police are the City Police Department Chief and County Fire Department Chief that commands the National Guard (Fire Fighters and Security) and Coast Guard (Police) that claim Authority over the City (Police Chief) and County (Sheriff) and also over the State Police Marshal including the Federal Government (The Sheriff is a Federal Police Officer) and the Federal Government (The Sheriff) hires a Deputy Sheriff (FBI) and gives them Legal Authority in the Federal District and they must obtain a signed warrant from the US Marshal (State, Federal and Military) Police Officer to pursue anyone into the City and County and State or across the State Border and into another State and the Municipal Government claims the right to hire the Military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) according to an Interpretation and Analysis of the Legal Code (Codified Law made by Contract between Legal Authorities and is usually called a Treaty, A Covenant and a Charter establishing a Municipal Governmet as a Corporation that has incorporated with other Corporations that will have meant at a Convention to determine the value of Services Rendered and then at Congress to negotiate with any other Corporation in the World through Representatives that will submit it as a Bill to other Representatives in the lower House and then to the Senators in the Upper House and they will then agree to make that a Statuatory Law that must be signed by the US President before the US Marshal Service will feel obligated to Uphold or Enforce the suggested Law from I have read on the matter).

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