State Attorney

The The United States Assistant State Attorney that works at CIA is a Law Enforcement Agent and Officer but only has the power of arrest by investigation outside of United States Borders and their primary responsibility is whenever a Stock Broker who is a Lawyer robs other investors by cashing in stocks that don’t belong to them without the permission of the owner by way of forgery claiming Power of Attorney, usually so they can hang out with Attorney’s, Assistant United States Attorney/CIA must convince them to leave the country immediately or face prosecution and punishment involving a hefty fine, lengthy prison sentence or deportation to a third world country serving as a Prison Camp for the most serious offenders and operated under Martial and Military Law and even the United States Assistant State Attorney/CIA answers to the United States Marshal or they may face the same legal consequences. This Legal Practice has populated much of Canada and Mexico with many former United States Citizens that are now in the Custody of the United States Attorney and CIA and made them very wealthy in the processes of the Law and as it takes many Attorney’s who work for the County Marshal – Sheriff to make this happen there must be a sharing of the Wealth with everyone or the US Marshal will have to Vacate the Territorial Courthouse (United States) and attempt to restore law and order and the values taught all United States Citizens with a Public Education Administered by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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