Academic Police Work

In the United States of America everyone is Guaranteed twelve (12) years of Education at a Public School and it is only by University Civil Service Examination, which is particular to a State under the Federal System, so that they may Graduate early, in this case, usually they go on to College, which are the Founders of the University that offered the Civil Service Exam, some Graduate College by way of the United States Civil Service as the United States Civil Service is the United States Marshal College and all fifty States have agreed to this Policy and the Civil Service Law was enacted by the United States Congress and signed into law by the United States President (Chief Magistrate). A US Marshal is a Sheriff and the Chief Police Officer that oversees other Sheriffs that oversee other Police Officers. The United States Marshals #1 responsibility is gathering information for the United States Census which is the life and death records of all United States Citizens, Born or Naturalized, in the United States or any Federal District anywhere in the World and this makes all United States Marshals Librarians because Libraries are where the Courthouse Records are maintained.


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