The State Attorney/CIA has United States Law Enforcement Power outside of the United States

I would guess this is for the purpose of keeping the Enlisted organized as the USA builds Embassy Zones and International Corporations of Government throughout the World to bring the benefits of modern technology and convenience to places of poor health and habitat in the effort to prolong life and hopefully improve it’s quality.

Has Colorado (USAF) been utilizing the services of Washington State to contain the overflow of immigrants attempting to exit the country and returning in Alaska and Hawaii while conducting background checks and shipping deserters (AWoL) and Fugitives to those places where the State Attorney/CIA are the majority of the US Law Enforcement Authority and to notify the US Marshals of an absconder by way of the FBI who are simultaneously on the look out for any children they may kidnap in their attempt to escape the hands of Justice and is this they’re employment with the Department of Homeland Security?

Is it about establishing Federal Districts everywhere.

A Traditional and Customary Coast Guard – Army Operation with a new twist; the Air Force?

Good luck to everyone.

Remember, it’s X – MAS and to do to your neighbor as you would want them to do to you for Heaven’s sake.

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