It seems very obvious that Texas has been deciding exactly how it is I will serve as a US Marshal

The US Treasury Mint in Dallas, Texas manufactures the US Currency; Coin and Cash. I believe that since I was ordered to serve the government at the Colorado Boys Ranch (Criminal Justice System and Military Training Center) immediately following my Oath of the Magistrate (Deputy Marshal) hearing at the US Courthouse in Denver, Colorado in late 1988 and as it appears there is a obvious connection between North Dakota Montana, Arkansas, Colorado and Texas (US President Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase of 1808) and the fact that a US Colonel Addison (Addison County Texas and Vermont) that at the time of my Oath of the Marshal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the US Military Courthouse and that because US Government Photographic Identification was never issued to me that my obvious conclusions that the State of Texas dominated by the Sheriffs (Lone Star State) conspired to use me in an unlawful manner to exploit every word or deed I may make for their own purposes and have done so excessively with little compensation. I became a Sheriff and Police Academy Graduate and Los Angeles Police Officer, Physician/Psychiatrist/Professor and US Magistrate at 16 years of age which is legal according to the US Secret Service Law as there was a Guardian ad Litem present at all times during my training, some of which was conducted while I was in the custody of the Denver, Colorado City and County Sheriff at the Denver City and County Jail and Gilliam Youth Center Juvenile Hall – 26th Ave and Downing St., Denver, Colorado periodically during 1984-1988). I graduated and the ceremony was held at 5th Ave and Union St. in Seattle, Washington (West Precinct) and I graduated with honors as a Detective and I earned 2 Commendations (Valor and Honor) but my memory is a little fuzzy since I have had to serve the majority of the time without property. I have even served as an Unarmed Police Officer in the Persian Gulf War.

I’m homeless and on Social Security and Medicare of a small amount of money never having married and now ineligible to Marry or own valuable Real Estate because of the Medical Condition I suffer from and I have also been indemnified by the Charlottesville, Virginia Government for a crime I did not commit but was forced to plead guilty under a death threat while heavily medicated and in custody and numerous assault and battery attempts. I believe that the State of Texas and the US Marshals are acting ignorant of United States Law and are often preaching Texas ideology of being the New South where Slavery is very much legal and have imposed their value system on me in an attempt to coerce me into homosexual prostitution and a life of crime because I was not born in the State of Texas and yes I do believe they have many allies including Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA City Hall where the US Marshals that hold the Public Minister Officers are all Negro and the growing majority of the State of Pennsylvania while there seems to also be a growing Homosexual Prostitution and Medical Drug Dealing Operation by the State Authorities that also seem to be imposing this way of life on everyone in exchange for Welfare. I understand that it might be a result of the general populations proclivity to do wrong just for fun and their obvious penchant for sex and euphoria to cope with the responsibilities of life but making me look and sound like the problem only reveals their heart and mind to everyone.


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