Colorado has a long history of performing the double cross

Back in the 1800’s there were the Miners and after World War 2 there was the Marshall Plan and well in 1988 there was my USMS Contract and in 2002 there was Homeland Security Police (Federal [Marines] Air Marshal), I guess it was all just a mistake or a bad idea or something like that. I still hope that maybe I won’t have to spend the rest of my life Homeless but I guess that depends on how the Air Force and their buddies at the Coast Guard and Navy decide my fate and all according to God’s Plan.

The Federal Air Marshal is a result of the Founders of the Air Force (Army Colonel William “Wild Bill” Donavan ripping off the New York Stock Market and running away to Virginia and creating the CIA to manage Commercial Airports hiring the FBI an organization began by Virgina and Illinois in 1908) standing opposed to the United States Marshals as C.E.O. and deliberately began removing people from the US for slightest infractions including not being homosexual; it’s no secret they write books about themselves.

Maybe, I’ll find someplace warm to go today here in Seattle, WAshington USA since some stole mhy Identification after I fell asleep at Church and I can’t leave and I have been completely homeless since I got here six months ago and a few years ago Denver PD stole my wallet, too.

They don’t like my attitude and I don’t like their crime wave.

They seem to be dealing but I think it’s from the bottom of the deck.

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