5th Avenue Theater

5th Avenue and University Street Seattle, Washington USA.

I was sitting under the porch after hours on a rainy night when a a man in a blur blazer and grey slacks approached me telling me he is a Security Guard and told me I had to leave and I said wait a minute as I was working on my laptop and he said he didn’t have a minute and I told him to relax because I work there and he said I didn’t and I said how do you know you haven’t even asked me my name and he said that he didn’t have to and then he called 911 and so did I and one of them Coast Guard City Federal Police showed up and told me to leave and I said okay but that they were making a mistake because I’m a US Marshal on Disability and he said he didn’t care and I said that was probably because I’ve never been paid accordingly and because you’re probably aware and disappointed that after all the doping I was put through and I still got a memory of the numerous kidnappings that went on to catch crooks in this area I have endured and he said yes and the possible sexual exploitation that went on and that I think that all of you at Homeland Security think the Marshal is some kind of pussy that just deserves to be disrespected all the time like having to walk around all night in the pouring rain and that I think that they’re all a bunch of asshole’s for it and I left heading in the direction of 5th Ave and Union Street where I graduated Police Academy and then was hired by the Los Angeles Police Department as a Detective and had my picture taken with my Uniform on and having to give it back before going off to US Marshal College back in Denver and then Philadelphia and he was sitting in his Police Vehicle on the corner just like he was on two other occasions, I guess.

I guess maybe my being a US Marshal Police Officer is really just meant to be a dream.


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