I was born at Philadelphia General Hospital in 1972

In 1975, the Court recognized the Federal Law of Evidence displacing Civil Procedure and the US Marshal Common Law Court and I blame it on the Californians, not just because they hired me right out of International Police Academy at 16 years of age but because it’s history.

The King County Sheriff arrived in Seattle, Washington USA in the late 1800’s by way of the I-70 Corridor to North Dakota and the Route 66 Corridor to New Mexico and the I-10 Corridor to California and the I-5 Corridor to Washington.

I’m a US Marshal without a badge, gun or police identification and I’m on Social Security and Medicare and got here aboard a Greyhound Bus this time and I walk around very mad sometimes over receiving so little in compensation for all my years of hard work but the last time I was here I was kidnapped and sedated and made to walk the streets like an idiot and I’m pretty sure it was the Federalists of Virginia and New York.

I don’t think they really care about what it is they have done to me in making me think they have decided that if I am not going to put out in a homosexual way then I can just stay out on the streets like a stray animal suggesting that I am healthy and still capable of work and it must be because that’s the way they were brought up and if they don’t like what I’m saying why don’t they do the right thing and stop with all of the verbal and physical abuse they keep exacting on me.

Doesn’t everybody know a well known Sheriff-Marshal needs a place to call home, too.

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