I had to work while becoming a US Marshal, I had to pass many Exams and I think one was the PSAT and another the CSAT and then I had to pass Exams for a Bachelors from both Washington University (Economics) and Colorado University (English) and then pass Exams for both the United States Medical Licensing Exam (U.S.M.L.E.) and the United Sates Magistrate Licensing Exam (U.S.M.L.E.)

I have also passed the Occupational Psychology Assessment Evaluation Exam and the Information Technology (IT) Human Resources and Information Management Exam.

I also passed a Department of Motor Vehicle/Department of Transportation Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License Exam (18 Wheeler Tractor and Trailer.

Also, I passed the Universal Refrigeration Mechanic Service Licensing Exam.

Basically, for the last 12 years I have been working as what appears to be an unemployed drifter sometimes for nothing at all even though the government knows my true identity and for the last 11 years as what appears as a Criminally Insane Jerk that thinks he’s crazy if the Politicians are ever going to hand over a Police Sheriff’s Uniform and Pay to a guy that won’t have anal and oral sex with another guy, I think.

Politics, whatever!

What was it Dante Alligheri wanted to do with the Church and State according to the Masterpiece Dante’s Inferno and Paradise Lost if God would let him, take them all down to hell to meet the devil and leave them there.

Well, now you know what I contemplate sometimes since the State says I can’t get married and own a home of my own.

I guess those “Politicians” are important to a lot of people that the community would risk that kind of condemnation.

Oh well.

I still appear to be an unemployed drifter although I do receive a little money every month from Social Security and Medicare, I guess it’s suppose to help me feel better fighting off a lot of criminals with my bare hands that make a lot more money than me and a thanks must be in order, well, here goes nothing, thanks.

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