It’s been well advertised that from 1965 – 1969 the Homosexuals attacked Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and my dad was a Marine and served in the Vietnam Conflict and was Honorably Discharged on a Section 8 Medical for Hearing Loss and he returned to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and became a Philadelphia Police Officer and served for 7 years in the 1st District and during that time the Homosexuals attacked the City of Brotherly Love many times and I was born in 1972 and not long after I suffered life threatening injuries that nearly killed me and in 1980 we all went to Denver, Colorado and spent the next few years going back and forth between the two cities and in 1988 at 16 years of age I became a Physician and a US Magistrate but my license was with held for some reason and I began to travel alone back and forth between the two cities and in 1992 I became a US Magistrate – Judge and my License was with held again and then between 2004 – 2013 I was in Virginia getting taken care of by way of Hospital and Prison and I have read some US History that states Charlottesville, Virginia was one of the biggest supporters of the Vietnam Conflict and now that I’m in Seattle, Washington and it’s 2015, I can only say in the very mortal words of the Rock and Roll Band ‘The Grateful Dead’ “What a long strange trip it has been” and well I still can appreciate the thought of Peace and Mercy forever

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