I work for the Monarch, Pope, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest, Minister, Pastor, Preacher, Prince, Ayatollah, Sheik, Eman, Shamen as a US Marshal w/o Police Property for the last 31 years and currently earn about $12,000 a year and the State has placed an Injunction on me forbidding me Marriage, Children and Real Property)

The Oldest State Policy comes from the land of Turkey and many Sheriffs still admonish the Customs and Traditions spoken of there around the world.
I guess I must of missed something during my lifeling work/study training program.
I been on the streets for almost 2 1/2 years with only about 13 days overnite sleep indoors and I haven’t stayed in the home of a blood relative in over 12 years and about 11 years ago the State deliberately overdosed me on medication and sent me to prison for acting like a pirate, they said.
I know Government Work is demanding but doesn’t this sound like a ridiculous way to proceed already?
Are they trying to force me into homosexual prostitution, murder, a casualty of war or into just becoming a statistic by way of suicide.

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