I’m from Philadelphia, PA and I attended the New York State Sheriffs Association Summer Youth Training Camp in the 1970’S and I became a LAPD Detective, Physician and US Magistrate in the 1980’s, a US Marshal in the 1990’s and an amnesiac that has been labeled a Schizophrenic and sent to prison on a District Robbery by Piracy by the Circuit Court of Charlottesville, VA and that’s part of the Federal Circuit Court System out of the US Courthouse of Appeals and the 2nd United States Judicial District in New York in the 2000’s and now I’m practically a bum in the 2010’s

At least I’m not a queer and I say that because that’s the biggest double cross ever and I guess they just wanted to prove the rumors accurate about queers.
The Feds are the Fire Department that seem to have control of the US Treasury and Homeland Security.
Queer has lots of meaning which one do they mean?

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