According to US History the New York State Police are also the Federal Police Officers of the National Government Enlisting the Citizens of New York City giving them limited State (US Magistrate Civil and Criminal Law) Powers of arrest as Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) that may only enforce the law within the Federal District which sometimes overlaps the City District but most certainly is within the County and State where they are limited to the Practice of Investigation and it was through an arrangement with the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia that a Textbook of Criminology was Authored and sold to the University of Chicago allowing the class of 1908 to become the first FBI Agents and Officers who may ride the Circuit Court System of the United States bringing suit against other Federal Officers but only with the Consent of the United States Marshal posted to that particular Circuit Courthouse and may not prosecute another US Marshal for any reason as the US Marshal works for the Supreme Court which is the Highest Court of law in the United States of America and may only detain w/o injury the United States Marshal they are bringing suit against and must deliver them up to the US Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington DC in accordance to the 3 Day Sunset Law offered to all suspects and is known as the detainment hearing or they must release the US Marshal and do no further Police Action against them or the US Congress (Police Association and Sheriffs Association) will be obliged to find a legal remedy for the situation

The idea of State Federal Policing is a delicate situation because it is basically advocated by the State of New York and while the State of Virginia did a lot to progress the idea they are the National (Corporate Law) Policy Makers and have limited powers of arrest under State Law and may only do so on Real Estate that agrees with the Police Action. All States have there own Legal Code and are independent of any other State and their Laws but all States have also agreed to the Authority of the United States Government giving Executive Power of Arrest to the US Marshal Police Officer and it is only a few local (private wealth) governments that disagree with this Police Action but under the current laws of the United States the United States Marshal may uphold and enforce all law within the United States Borders and that includes all 50 States and the 94 Federal Districts including Washington, DC and Puerto Rico. The US Marshal is advised that they may not Enforce all of the Law if they are without a Gun because some people breaking the Law have guns and that would prove them as possibly mentally ill or incompetent and in need of rest. The Law stipulates that a US Marshal need only advise any law enforcement officer of their circumstances to be considered the legal authority in any given situation and that this can easily be resolved with a trip to the Courthouse where the records of employment are kept and as a courtesy should also advise that the Public Media will be notified in this event and that Law Enforcement is to work together to keep the community safe and secure and that no relationship is entirely one sided and that since the US Marshal heads up the Fugitive and AWOL task force it’s best to leave them alone while they are doing their job or it might be construed that that they are aiding and abetting the escape of the enemies of the US Legal System which is a Felony Crime and carries a long-term Prison Sentence which could lead to removal from US Soil and imprisonment on foreign shores if found guilty by a commission of three officers at the rank of General acting as Judges and of lower rank than the United States Marshal or one United States Marshal (Justice) and it also the domain of the United States Marshal to issue the final Appeal Hearing before leaving earth and may hand the case over to a Civil Officer at the rank of Admiral acting as Administrative Judge who may impose a fine as both the penalty and remedy for the willful disobedience of the United States Marshal because willful disobedience can be construed as “Obstruction of Justice” and “Contempt of Court” against the Legal Court System of the United States of America.

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