US Constitutional Analysis and Legal Interpretation states that when you plead innocent and make demand for Gran Jury because you have court appointed legal counsel, been in custody for 6 months heavily sedated on drugs that cause bleeding in the brain, are being hit in the head while you sleep with hard soled shower shoes by your cell mates, the State’s witness can’t remember the facts because they were drunk at the time, the arresting officer didn’t show up for court and you are denied to plea bargain for a light sentence, plead quilty and make apologies at the next court proceeding and when you get out leave the jurisdiction you are guaranteed by the Marshals an appeal hearing

Well that’s what this US Marshal did after going through this beginning in Charlottesville, Virginia in 2006 but the catch is it happened 18 years after he was deputized and was refused pay about 1600 miles away in Denver by the US Court and was sent on World Tour with the USO several times.

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