Celebrities Represent the Wealth of a Nation

A Country has many Nations residing within it’s State Borders and a Nation is usually the Business Center, an example would be an Office Building and the Shops around the Office Building in the Downtown area of any city in the USA, where the people of that Nation talk about investment.

The Nations are what built the City.

Obviously, people must have lived somewhere before those Office Buildings, Shops and Streets were built and that place was a cave, and when the cave got to be to small they left and started a village and when the village got big they called it a town and when the town got bigger it was called a borough and because people are sometimes born handicapped or life takes a bad turn some of that borough became known as the ward and the cave, village, town, ward and borough would become known as the County.

In the County, the people are usually independent and survive by farming, hunting and fishing and building construction and are called nationalists.

As the Nation (Corporation) realizes it’s wealth, a leader emerges and is called Municipal Guard – Police – Sheriff – Chief (Marshal) strong, good looking and smart, and will lead the Guards (Marshals), Police Officers (Marshals), Sheriffs (Marshals) and Chiefs (Marshals) and the Nationalists (Military) as a Federal Police Chief (Marshal) into a new life of big business with Corporate Building within the Ward creating a Federal Territory and if the construction and transportation of the Nations (Corporate) Wealth is successful will eventually be called the State (National) Police Chief (Marshal), sometime after the Office Building and the Shops around it are built and will be called a National Corporation (State) and will be doing business with the other Nations (State Corporations) around it the National Corporations are successful in their business dealings they will be called a Municipality led by a Municipal Police Chief (Marshal) and if the Municipal Police Chief (Marshal) is successful the place of many Nations will be called a City (Municipal Corporation) and when it is functioning and begins to do business with other cities they will be called a County and when the Counties are healthy they will become a State and when the States are healthy and of the same opinions concerning everything important one of the Police Chiefs of the City, State, County, Federal, National, Corporations will be called a Marshal and will be an inspiration to everyone as Minister of the Country.

Everyone’s a Celebrity.

Fantasy + Nation = Fascination

People are fascinated by the idea of a Nation all their own but it’s risky business.

There are many valuable talents that inspire all of us to realize how good life is and the creative writer – artist – musician certainly brings with them some gifts to share with everyone that are as hard to do without as the food – clothing – shelter, that the County offers and those valuable talents are a great opportunity to earn enough to build a place all your own and be known as a City all your own and that fits in great with the construction and transportation projects of the Nations in today’s economy that build and more often rebuild aging national assets and these talented people are everywhere, so have a heart and a mind for cooperation and give as good as you receive for everyone’s sake.

Have a nice day!

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