The Congress which represents everyone included people from all walks of life and together they built the US Marshal College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the early 1700’s stating that the US Marshal is the most qualified Sheriff and Police Chief and then built the US Courthouse of Appeals in all of the 13 States of the day and with the help of the New York Sheriffs built the US Supreme Court in Washington, DC and as the Country has grown up so has the US Courthouse of Appeals and that is portrayed in the Courthouse itself having been strategically placed across the country

If one US Marshal should retire, die, be imprisoned or be impeached, all government personnel that were given authority by that US Marshal will be relocated somewhere else and if a Non-Commissioned Officer they will serve the Federal Government in the state of New York (2nd U.S.J.D. Federal Court) and if a Commissioned they will serve the US Government (US Marshals are the City Police) in Washington, DC.

The National Policy was formed in the state of Virginia as an alternative to unemployment for those individuals given authority by a particular Marshal who has retires in Washington, DC where their authority rests as a local City Police Officer.

The National Government is sometimes construed as the largest employer of Security Guards in the USA that must also answer to the US Marshal.

The Civil Government in the state of Pennsylvania provides Civil Service examination to all applicants for Government Employment.

Foreign Policy is a product of the New Jersey State Legislature and their solution for grievous rebellion and that’s shipping the violators to another country.

This is how the USA began back in 1787 and it is true that the US Treasury Police began before the US Marshal Police but it was only by about 6 months and the US Marshals were victorious in becoming the Chiefs of the Federal Police.

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