I think the the University of Virginia with the United States Army Judge Advocate General’s School of Law diagnosed me Schizophrenic, put me on medication that I didn’t need and then placed me on Social Security and Medicare and then Prosecuted me for a Piracy Charge because they are a bunch of mean, devious, rotten and rich homosexuals that wanted so bad to have me that they would do anything and many years before after I had passed the United States Medical Licensing Exam and many other Civil Service Exams in Colorado became a US Magistrate and they refused to issue Proper Credentials and after I had returned to Pennsylvania and became a US Marshal did it again and now have made me homeless just to tell everyone that this is how it’s going to be from here on out and if anyone disagrees with this policy they could end up like me or worse and have to turn to homosexual prostitution as they often suggest to me even here in Seattle, Washington and I think they did it because here in Seattle, Washington there is a great demand for Federal Department employment and that means Lawyers become Attorneys with the government with the consent of the Navy which is really active in the Northwest and basically under the control of Norfolk, Virginia and the US Navy Installation there which is right down the road from Arlington, Virginia and the Pentagon and Department of Defense

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