Walking these streets as a Minister is confusing

Everyday, I make my rounds in the city, occasionally going out into the county and I see thousands of people doing what they need to do. Everybody’s got something to do. I get a little depressed seeing so much action. I live out here. I don’t have an apartment. I don’t have a house. I just have the shelters and I know they double as community corrections where just about everybody has one foot either in the jail or one foot in the grave and sometimes when I go there it seems like there’s always one or two them that have a foot in both places acting like they would like to have their way with me. I guess there’s a lot of people caught up in the game that think they know better than everybody else and some of them just don’t care if they lose, they’re just hard up and desperate people who stopped giving a long time ago and just take from people at every opportunity. I guess my job is just to remind them that they’re are consequences for actions that people don’t like. Maybe one day they’ll give me back my gun. I’ve been working the streets, back alleys, crack houses, whore house and jails so long it isn’t even a secret anymore. The only place I have to go when I’m sick and tired is heaven and that’s usually just sitting down wherever I am and letting sleep overtake me. I guess my coworkers think we all got a great deal.

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