Thomas Jefferson wrote the “Declaration of Independence” in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 4, 1776 and then retreated to his mountaintop home “Monticello” in Charlottesville, Virginia

Those that believe as Thomas Jefferson believed put it in writing formally and ratified the US Constitution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787.

Thomas Jefferson was the 1st Secretary of State under the 1st US President George Washington at the US Capitol while it was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1790-1800) and then quit retreating to his mountaintop home “Monticello” before going on to become the 3rd US President (Deputy Marshal given the full rights of a US Marshal temporarily for the duration of their Presidency).

Thomas Jefferson served two terms (1800-1808) before returning back to his mountaintop home “Monticello” in Charlottesville, Virginia, later in 1808, at the Chancellor Building, both the Chancellor and Provost, both US Marshals, were assassinated in their offices at Jefferson College on the University of Virginia Campus and all Thomas Jefferson would say is that what his University needed was a man like himself “a President” and not the two dead men.

Jefferson College became the University of Virginia because of the interest that the US Marshals showed it and had they decided not to invest their time, money and effort there very well may have never been a University of Virginia and since in modern times the name Thomas Jefferson lives large in many places I am sure that what the US marshals are good for is very valuable and they are subject to assassination attempts constantly and since I am a US Marshal from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who unfortunately was never issued proper credentials that once wanted to make Charlottesville, Virginia my home but circumstances beyond my control led to a near fatal overdose of medication provided to me by a doctor from the University of Virginia and then a lengthy Prison sentence on a charge of Piracy caused me to rethink that some 9 years later and after doing all I could to rectify the situation through letter writing I sadly said farewell to Charlottesville, Virginia back in 2013.

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