The United States of America is a Government with two divisions that must work together in the interest of peace

Washington, DC is a Federal City within several Counties that many Cities and Counties contribute goods, services and tax dollars to the people there so that management (United States Marshal Service) will be able to manage the records and the people effectively and according to the Constitution (United States Law) and the Bill of Rights (Federal Law).

Washington, DC has two fundamental systems at work as it straddles the Maryland and Virginia Border and pays Real Estate taxes to both State Governments and on the Maryland side of the City is the Chief Executive of the Treasury (White House) and it is the Coast Guard, Army and Air Force that serve and protect the interests of the citizens and on the Virginia side of the City is the Judiciary (Supreme Court) and it is the National Guard, Marines and Navy that serve and protect the interests of the citizens. It seems to me that in the original formula Virginia and not long after New York City and the National Guard have control of the Chief Executive (White House) in Maryland (Washington, DC) enlisting the Secret Service help to maintain Law and Order and Connecticut and not long after Pennsylvania, Delaware and the Coast Guard have control of the Judiciary (Supreme Court) in Virginia (Washington, DC) enlisting the help of the Federal Police (Banking Agents and Officers).

The Federal Government (Attorney’s are Commissioned Officers and Lawyers are paid Non-Commissioned Officers) and are Active Duty Military and these days I have heard there are about 4 million of them acting as Deputy Police (Coast Guard, Army and Air Force) and Deputy Sheriffs and Security Services (National Guard, Marines and Navy) and they make up the 15 Departments of the Federal Executive (US President or Chief Magistrate) and obtain their orders by way of the Federal Attorney (Navy) General (Army) who is in direct consultation with Congressional Leaders (Senate and House of Representatives) at the US Capitol and Congressional Hall and from the US President who receives consultation directly from the House of Representatives and the Mayors (Sheriffs) as well as from the Supreme Court (US Marshals) who are in Conference with the Vice-President (President of the Senate) the Senate and the Governors (Police Chiefs) of the States about which Laws must be upheld and enforced first as the most prevalent and significant crimes that are problematic in the country.

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