I was just sitting on the corner underneath the highway overpass and 1st and Marion in Seattle, Washington USA and the Federal Building trying to relax and some crazy woman was arguing with what appeared to be her boyfriend after he threw some water on her claiming she’s drunk while two construction workers were nearby and she began walking towards me and yelling using all sorts of derogatory epithets and I asked her to stop several times and she just continued to cuss me out and I told her to tell her CO “You’re fired!” by order of the Marshal (CEO) and Minister

I have reasoned that she is part of the Homeland Security Operation that is building along the Port of Seattle and since I’m the US Marshal (Minister) that has to play the bum role they think that means they can act like a bunch of insubordinate derelicts.
I hope they remember it takes a US Marshal (Minister) to keep the money rolling in to build so extravagantly.
I guess there’s a chance it really is Homeland Security doesn’t care about a US Marshal that isn’t queer and would do anything to get them killed by someone that doesn’t know the murder (Capitol) of a US Marshal is punishable by slow death because murdering a US Marshal is an attemt to take the Stock Market Prisoner and deprives a lot of good and honest citizens of their wages.

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